Geranium & Rosemary Smudge Spray

Geranium comforts your ‘inner child’ and helps open ones heart, heal painful memories, and promotes understanding of how your past helped and shaped you. Rosemary brings protection, clarity, and vital energy. Witch hazel, Florida water, and a tiny Lemurian quartz crystal amplifies the properties of these oils to heighten your vibration and that of your home.

A Channeled Home and Aura Cleansing Prayer and item description sheet are included with every order.


Pure Geranium Essential Oil

Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Florida Water

Witch Hazel

Distilled Water

Lemurian Quartz

Packaging: 2oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle

Shipping Packaging is made from Recycled Materials, Zero-Waste, or Reused. Gaia is conscious and we protect and respect her in all that we do.
10% of profit is donated to organizations supporting Indigenous Peoples of the world. Indigenous Peoples have been protecting, practicing, and passing down sacred knowledge for longer than we know and we respect and support these teachers in all that we do.
❤️ Curated and Created by Hand With Love in California ❤️