The Ascension Guides: Channeled Creation + Manifestation EBook


We Are Ascending is a channel who gives channeled readings, channels meditations, and channels texts that are intended to support the healing and ascension of those who seek it for themselves.

The guides that are being channeled in this text describe themselves as "The Ascension Guides of those who have called upon us." They are teachers in spirit ready to support the healing and ascension of all incarnated beings who invite and invoke their own healing and growth.

The messages in this text focus on creation and manifestation. Tools, messages, and explanations are given to help the reader accept and utilize their ability to heal, grow, and "create that which they wish to experience," as The Ascension Guides put it. 

This text was channeled verbally, recorded, then transcribed into this ebook. None of the content was changed or edited and everything in this book appears exactly as it was channeled.

Upon purchasing this ebook, you will immediately gain access to a digital download of the book.