Kundalini Awakening Ritual Kit

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Our Ceremonies were designed to include everything you need to engage in a transformative Intention Ceremony which can be completed in one night, but you will have all of the tools needed to complete this Ceremony many times with different intentions or goals in mind.

Every Ceremony Bundle includes Sacred Herbs, Holy Wood, and a Blessed Smudge Spray to cleanse your personal energy and create a sacred space in your home, Crystals specifically chosen to raise your vibration and bring in energies that will support the intention of the specific Ceremony you are engaging in, Essential Oils to help you connect to your higher self and release that which is no longer serving your greatest good, a Smudging Feather and Abalone Shell to connect you to the Earth axis while you burn your sacred herbs, and an incense matchbook.

We also include a Pre-Ceremony Writing Prompt to help you clear any stagnant energies and connect to your true intention for this Ceremony, an Info Sheet with details on every single item included in your Ceremony Bundle, and a detailed Step by Step Ceremony Guide. 

The Kundalini Awakening Ceremony Bundle Includes:

White Sage Smudge Stick

Sweetgrass Braid

Sandalwood Essential Oil Blended with Sweet Almond Oil

Orange & Clary Sage Smudge Spray (Made with Pure Essential Oils, Witch Hazel, Florida Water, and a Tiny Lemurian Quartz Crystal)


Smoky Quartz

Selenite Stick

Smudging Feather

Incense Matchbook

Abalone Shell

Palo Santo

Pre-Ceremony Instructions and Writing Prompt

Included Items Information Guide

Step by Step Ceremony Guide

Packaging is made from Recycled Materials, Zero-Waste, or Reused. Gaia is conscious and we protect and respect her in all that we do.

10% of profit is donated to organizations supporting Indigenous Peoples of the world. Indigenous Peoples have been protecting, practicing, and passing down sacred knowledge for longer than we know and we respect and support these teachers in all that we do.

❤️ Curated and Created by Hand With Love in California  ❤️

Note on Crystals: The size and shape of each Crystal is unique. Some Ceremony Bundles may included Crystals that are larger than other due to the comparative rarity of the crystals included. Crystals were curated for each bundle based on the intention of that Ceremony, so the Ceremonies that include rare Crystals will likely have smaller stones than some others. All Crystals included are comparable to the size of the Crystals in the bundle photos.