Awaken Clairvoyance Ritual Kit

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What is this Ritual All About?: Everyone has innate clairvoyant abilities and extra sensory perception, but our belief and trust in those abilities and the attention we place on practicing them differs from person to person. This ritual is all about releasing beliefs that hold you back from connecting with your extra-sensory perception and dispelling any repressed fears that stop you from trusting the clairvoyant, psychic, and intuitive messages you receive. We call in and communicate with your guides to allow them to help show you that you can trust, believe, and practice using these abilities to aid you in creating the experience you wish that have in this life. 

Ritual Length: They can be completed in one hour or take 6 hours depending on how long you engage in the writing exercises and meditation. You can do the initial writing exercise on one day and the ritual on another or you can complete it all in one day. This kit comes with enough supplies to conduct the ritual more than once.

Whats In the Ritual?: The ritual kits includes all of the products listed, a pre-ceremony writing exercise, product description page, smudging herbs burning instructions, and a step by step ritual. The ritual has 11 steps not including the pre-ceremony writing exercise, and the 11 step ritual includes 6 healing writing exercises as well. However long you write is totally up to you. The ritual also includes using all of the Ritual Kit Products, meditations, and visualizations.

Writing Exercises Included in the Ritual:

Pre-Ceremony Writing Exercise - Identifying what needs to heal and what is ready to be released.

Activation Invocation - Creating a prayer that will tell your guides what you want from the ritual, and what boundaries you want to set in your communication with them to allow you to feel comfortable, safe, loved, and protected in every moment.

Intention Setting - You will have learned a lot about what you want and what you are needing to release to get there in the Pre-Ceremony Writing Exercise, so this step is about stating in clear terms what you want to invite into your mind, body, life, and spirit to get there, and what you are ready to release. 

Connecting to Gaia - This is when we explore our connection to the planet, feed her love and gratitude in a way that is true to us and our experience of her, and invite her to aid us in this ritual and connect with us more deeply on in our everyday lives.

Make an Offering -  This is when we purge all we are ready to release onto a sheet of paper. This is the perfect time to release all of the fears, guilts, anxieties, worries, and limiting beliefs that were identified through the Pre-ceremony Writing Exercise.

Spirit Guide Communication - This free-writing exercise is when you connect to the messages your guides have for you. This exercise allows you to ask your guides questions and explore anything that came up during the preceding Spirit Guide Meditation.

Manifestation - This step lets you get into the vibration of the intention you set. It is an exercise where you write the intentions you set into creation. It will put a smile on your face and connect you more deeply to the trust and belief you need to place in your intentions to allow them to take root and become your reality.

What Products are in the Kit?: 

Frankincense Myrrh, Copal & Sage Smudge Stick - Copal is a tree sap sacred to the native peoples of Mexico used to honor the tree spirits of this planet. Frankincense and Myrrh are tree resins that show one how to connect to other realms through meditation. Burn this sage & tree resin smudge stick with the intention of connecting to your intuitive and extra-sensory gifts while expressing gratitude for the tree spirits that project healing and grounding energy into the collective in every moment.

Cedar Smudge Stick - Cedar trees are very old, wise and powerful spirits. Burn your cedar while holding strong intentions to release all that no longer serves you to allow room for all that is needed on your journey to enter your home, spirit, and life. Express Gratitude for the great ascended spirit of the cedar for assisting you in this ceremony.

Frankincense Essential Oil - Frankincense was found in king tut's tomb and was at one time worth more than its weight in gold. It has been used for millennia to enhance meditation, connect to guidance, and balance emotions.

Dragons Blood & Rose Smudge Spray - (Made with Natural Extract, Witch Hazel, Rose Water, and a Tiny Lemurian Quartz Crystal) Dragon’s Blood is a naturally forming resin on berries of the cinnabar tree and has been used to heal, protect, and banish for thousands of years. Heal and banish low vibrational energies to release old cycles that no longer serve you. Witch hazel, Rose water, and a tiny Lemurian Quartz crystal amplifies these properties heightening your vibration & that of your home.

Labradorite - Labradorite weakens insecurities & strengthens faith in your higher self. Use during meditation to unearth the fears that are blocking your clair-senses.

Smoky Quartz - Smokey Quartz gently neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels, it helps disperse fear and relieve depression through the understanding and release of patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Selenite Stick - Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace, aids in clearing your emotional, energy, and physical bodies, and cleanses other crystals.

Smudging Feather - It is traditional to use the underside of a bird's feather to brush the Sacred herb smoke over the person or object when smudging. Offer gratitude to this bird, the element of wind, and all of earth's kingdoms before using.

Incense Matchbook - An incense match lights like a match and burns like incense. Each match book contains 30 strikes and is foil wrapped to preserve freshness. connect to the element of fire and release therapeutic aromas to clear your space.

Abalone Shell - Abalone Shell serves as a reminder that beauty and light can always be revealed after a rough, rocky ride. It helps us deal with emotional turmoil and trauma, and enhances feelings of peace, love and compassion.

Palo Santo - Palo Santo has a long spiritual history. It has been used in ceremonies throughout Amazonia for millennia. Its smoke clears low vibrational frequencies when burnt with gratitude and the healing intentions.

Pre-Ceremony Information & Writing Prompt Sheet - This includes notes to help you get the most out of your ritual, burning instructions for anything included in the ritual that you need to light on fire, and a Pre-Ceremony Writing Prompt to help you heal, identify your intention for the ritual, and find all that you are ready to release.

Product Description Sheet - Descriptions of each physical item included in the Ritual Kit.

Step by Step Ritual Sheet - This is where it all happens! This is a walk through of everything you need to do to conduct this Ritual and connect to your highest self.


Packaging is made from Recycled Materials, Zero-Waste, or Reused. Gaia is conscious and we protect and respect her in all that we do.

❤️ Curated and Created by Hand With Love in California   ❤️

Note on Crystals: The size and shape of each Crystal is unique. Some Ceremony Bundles may included Crystals that are larger than other due to the comparative rarity of the crystals included. Crystals were curated for each bundle based on the intention of that Ceremony, so the Ceremonies that include rare Crystals will likely have smaller stones than some others. All Crystals included are comparable to the size of the Crystals in the bundle photos.