50 Minute Medium or Channeled Reading


After a near-death experience, my whole life changed. The things I thought were important before suddenly seemed so trivial. I started to reconnect to the intuitive powers I had when I was a child, and I released all of the fear I felt in response to those powers. I was led to a straight-talking shaman who told me I would always be depressed if I didn't learn to accept my ability to "walk between the worlds," and she was right. Synchronistically, I was presented with many teachers and healers on my path after my meeting with the Shaman, and so my journey into channeling, mediumship, and energy healing began.

Medium Readings:

When I was a child, I could see and hear things around me that others couldn't, and it really frightened me, but luckily I had a mother that was understanding and accepting of these abilities, and she told me I didn't need to be afraid. As time went on and my fear persisted, this ability started to fade until it was a mere memory.

Then, I had a near-death experience that changed my life. Something opened up in me, and I could once again see and feel things around me that others couldn't, like I had when I was a kid, but this time, I wasn't afraid.

I started to open up to my ability to "walk between the worlds" as that shaman who helped me understand my calling put it, and I being a reiki mentorship, then a channeling mentorship, and I am now have a mediumship mentor. I am learning the many signs and feelings spirit uses to communicate with others through me. To help me build this new vocabulary of feelings and images more rapidly, and to offer readings to all who are meant to receive messages, I am offering medium readings at a discounted rate.

The healing that occurs when someone is able to connect to their loved ones who have passed and accept that they are truly still with them is life changing, and I am so grateful to be able to be a messenger for spirit. This is my calling and I feel driven to give as many readings as I possibly can. I would be honored to connect you to your loved ones on the other side and be a part of your spiritual healing journey.

Channeled Readings:

Channeled reading are unlike any other in that they are truly a conversation with your spirit guides and I am simply their voice box. 

When I channel, I start with a prayer and a meditation, then I allow your spirit guides to work with my spirit guide to communicate with me through my Crown Chakra. I start to receive words without knowing what will come next, then as I speak the words I have received aloud, more flow in behind them. Your guides are not inhabiting my body, but simply communicating with me telepathically as I pass on their messages.

I can feel the love they are sending you as I channel their messages, and the feeling of pure love and healing they send is beyond explanation. It feels like the love I felt when I had my own near-death experience. The person who is receiving the reading often also feels these energetic sensations in their body as well, so I always ask them to sit or lay comfortably while they are receiving the reading.

Their guides will generally start by saying something they want you to know, then they will open up the floor for your questions. This is not a reading where your guides will predict your future or bring through loved ones that have passed, but is a time for them to share with you something they want you to know and offer you guidance on practices that can help you on your healing and growth journey.

Reiki Energy Healing:

Reiki energy healing is the first mentorship I engaged in and it totally changed the way I look at mind, body, and spirit alignment. Our energy field holds onto traumas we've experienced, or the beliefs we hold about ourselves and others, and this can have a tangible effect on our body and mind. Releasing these energetic imbalances can help us heal mentally and physically as well.

My reiki energy healing sessions are all about jumpstarted the healing process, but also giving you the tools and insights you need to continue the healing process on your own. You don't need someone else to heal you, and infact, your healing will progress much more rapidly if you take an active role yourself.

I will connect and communicate with your guides while I am conducting the energy healing session, then at the end I will share with you the tools, practices, visualizations, and any other method they gave me to offer you to help you along your healing and growth journey.

They are feeding you love, support, healing, and guidance every minute of every day, and engaging in the practices they share with you to help you heal your body, mind, and soul will help you to open up that line of direct communication with your guides to allow you to accept their love and guidance.

** All sessions will be conducted over zoom until further notice. If you want an in-person session in Los Angeles, please reach out to weareascendingshop@gmail.com