Our Story

We Are Ascending is the dream child of a Clairvoyant living in California. I went through a rude awakening seven years ago that changed my life forever. A few years later, I went to a Shaman who told me I would always be depressed if I decided not to get in touch with my ability to communicate and connect with my higher self and the world of spirit. I always had this ability, but was fearful and pessimistic about the world around me and my life within it. Since then, I have gone through many different methods of healing, which have brought amazing transformations and experiences into my life, and I want to share what I've learned with others.

I have shaped Ceremonies designed to help you to connect to your higher self for healing and guidance enabling you to fully express your truest self in the way only you can.

These Ceremonies utilize tools I have found helpful in my journey, including gifts from Gaia like sacred herbs, sacred woods, crystals, oils, meteorites, smudging feathers, and abalone shells, and some things that spark happiness within me like soy candles, aromatherapy matchbooks, and blessed smudging sprays.

Above all else, writing and meditation has helped me heal, accept, understand, and create all I wish to experience in this life. These Ceremonies include a transformational series of writing exercises and meditation to align you with what you truly want to create within yourself and the world around you. 

By combining ancient wisdom and sacred teachings, high vibrational energies from gifts of the natural world, and the writing and intuition building practices of a modern day self-healer, we have created Ceremonies specifically curated to address specific intentions.

I love you, and I thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.