The BUY GOOD GOOD mission is to offer 100% ethically sourced and produced products that our customers need and cherish, while creating financial freedom for artisans all over the world and supporting non-profits that work tirelessly to impact the issues we care about and create the world we want to live in. 


Our products are 100% ethically sourced and produced, and are created by artisans and small business owners. The majority of our products are handmade, created from sustainable materials, and contain all natural materials. We take the sourcing and environmental impact of the products we provide very seriously, and vet each artisan before including their products on our marketplace.

We pride ourselves on providing a steady stream of income to artisans all over the world, and work tirelessly to provide a source of income to artisans that live in geographic areas or are a part of an ethnic, social, or demographic group that make it difficult for them to earn a living within their local economies.

Every product is assigned to one of our five supported causes. 15% of the total cost of each item is donated to the charity associated with the cause the product is filed under during the month the purchase was received. 

Each cause has a number of different issues that fit within that cause, and the monthly charities that are chosen for each cause seek to help improve one of those issues.