GOOD PRODUCTS - Our Artisans


Our products are 100% ethically sourced and produced, and are created by artisans and small business owners. The majority of our products are handmade, created from sustainable materials, and contain all natural materials. We take the sourcing and environmental impact of the products we provide very seriously, and vet each artisan before including their products on our marketplace.

We pride ourselves on providing a steady stream of income to artisans all over the world, and work tirelessly to provide a source of income to artisans that live in geographic areas or are a part of an ethnic, social, or demographic group that make it difficult for them to earn a living within their local economies.

We at BUY GOOD GOOD want to provide financial freedom to artisans all over the world, while bringing our customers quality goods they love and supporting causes that are important to us and the development of the world we want to live in. 


We Currently Feature Artisan From:




El Salvador




Sri Lanka






If you have any suggestions of Artisans that you think would be a great fit for our marketplace, please reach out to us through our contact form or send us their information through Instagram.


We always try to utilize low impact shipping materials and processes, and are working to continuously improve the shipping materials and processes that our artisans are using to get your products to you in a safe and timely manner.