Give Back

Smudging, sage, and palo santo may be trendy and entering the mainstream, but it is important to remember, respect, and support the cultures that have practiced and preserved these teachings and tools for millennia. 

This is why we donate 10% of our profit to organizations supporting Indigenous Peoples all over the world.

Right now we are supporting: Warrior Women Project

Warrior Women Project is an innovative collaboration of scholarship, media, and activism that seeks to provide a forum for the Warrior Women of the Red Power Movement and current indigenous activists to tell their stories in their own words for the benefit of future generations.

The organization we are currently supporting is subject to change at any time, but will always be up to date on this page. Whatever organization is listed on this page at the time of your purchase is the organization that will receive your donation, so please check back regularly to learn about amazing organizations supporting the Indigenous Peoples of our global community.