I'm Monica Marie and I am a Channel, Medium, Intuitive, and Spiritual Healer. After a near-death experience, my whole life changed. The things I thought were important before suddenly seemed so trivial. I started to reconnect to the intuitive powers I had when I was a child, and I released all of the fear I felt in response to those powers. I was led to a straight-talking shaman who told me I would always be depressed if I didn't learn to accept my ability to "walk between the worlds," and she was right. Synchronistically, I was presented with many teachers and healers on my path after my meeting with the Shaman, and so my journey into channeling, mediumship, and energy healing began.

During a soul guided reading, Monica will make a connection directly with your soul and will ask that your soul guide the reading in whatever way is best for your healing. This is why she calls these sessions a “soul guided” reading. Monica feels that by connecting directly to your soul, you will always get the best message for your personal growth and healing and the right advice will be brought through, whether that advice comes from your spirit guides, your deceased loved ones, the akashic records, your body, or any other source that is pulled in by your soul to help you that particular day. These soul guided readings can often end up being a mixture of many different types of readings based on what is necessary for your spiritual development. These soul guided readings can include elements from different types of readings like a mediumistic reading where your deceased loved ones come through and has a message of love they’d like to share, akashic records reading where we discuss past lives, a psychic/intuitive reading where I connect to your spirit guides to give you their guidance or answer any questions you have, or perhaps a channeled spirit guide reading consisting of a two-way conversation between you and your spirit guides where I am simply a vessel for them to communicate to you directly in their own words. Some clients just sit and listen, while others have lively conversations with those that come through in the reading or Monica herself.

If anything comes up in the session that makes you feel uncomfortable, such as a particular deceased loved one’s message, information on a past life, or maybe just a message that you’ve already heard and feel you are well aware of, or anything else at all, just let Monica know during the session and she will happily move on to other loving messages meant just for you : ) 

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A Soul Healing Session is similar to a Soul Guided Reading, but we go through some of the tips, tools, and healing exercises your guides have shared during the reading together to allow for real-time support, guidance and feedback from your team in spirit.

Often times in readings, one's guides will give them tips, tools, and exercises to help them along their journey. I tell people what their guides want them to know, then they are on their way. I decided a longer session where we can actually engage in using and working with the tips, tools, and exercises that your guides have given you, with the opportunity for you to ask them questions and get their feedback, would be so helpful to those receiving these messages of support, help, and guidance from their team in spirit.

Having this extra time also allows us to channel a meditation from your guides, engage in Reiki healing led by your guides to address any emotional, spiritual, or physical energy blockages present, or engage in intuition exercises that can help you communicate with your guides with confidence.

These sessions are all about giving you the information, tools, support you need to continue to engage with your guides as you walk along the path of your own spiritual development and healing. This is more than just getting some advice in a reading. It is about giving you practices and knowledge that strengthens your own trust and belief in yourself, your ability to communicate with your guides, and your ability to accept and support yourself through anything that arises while accepting the support, love, and guidance your team in spirit is always lavishing upon you.

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In the past, Monica has taken requests for specific types of readings or for communication with specific loved ones who have passed, however, she’s found when a client comes in open to wherever their soul is guiding the reading to offer them messages, guidance, love, and healing, the reading ends up being exactly what they were needing. We no longer offer requests for a specific type of reading, but instead, invite you to trust that the universe will provide, and allow Monica to tap into what your soul chooses to send your way.

A private live zoom link will be sent to you after booking your session. This zoom session will be audio-only and it will be recorded and emailed to you after the session so you can revisit it whenever you want. Zoom audio allows us to record the private session for your future use, however, we are happy to conduct the session over a private phone call as well, but would be unable to offer a recording of the session.


We offer 50 minute sessions. We recommend that you set aside some time after the reading as well, as it may go long if you are able to continue. We also offer a 90 minute session for a Soul Guided Reading and Reiki healing session paired together. In this session, we will start with a Soul Guided Reading then conduct the Reiki Healing aided by your guides. 10 minutes will be spent at the end of the Reiki Healing to explain the messages and healing tools your guides wanted Monica to communicate to you to help you develop a self-care practice that you can maintain going forward.

Monica’s scheduling can be found and booked here, however, Monica’s go with the flow lifestyle has Monica waking up most mornings and deciding times she’d like to give a reading that day. Monica refuses to give a reading if her own energy isn’t in tip-top shape as that would be unfair to you, her, and any beings or universal energy we may be tapping into during the reading. This is why she only allows for very limited advanced bookings and opens up new time slots for availability on a daily basis.

New time slots for Readings & Healings are made available every day.
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Most availabilities for readings are posted the morning of, so checking in daily on the website, subscribing to our text list where we send out emails that alert you as soon as there are openings, or following her on her social media accounts @weareascending_ tiktok & @weareascending on Instagram where she will announce any new time slots available for that day, are the best ways to get a reading as soon as possible. Once a reading is booked and paid for on the website, you are locked in for that private session. 

**Please note, there may be extremely rare occurrences where a reading may need rescheduling from our end for reasons out of our control. In this instance, full refunds are automatically given along with a 10% discount on a future reading and preferred access to new time slots as they become available. Your session will be rescheduled as soon as possible.


Office Policies On Cancellations/Rescheduling/Late Clients/No Shows:  Only one (1) rescheduling credit is offered for appointments that have been canceled by you at least 24 hrs prior to the scheduled reading time. No Refunds will be issued. "No Shows" whether a paid appointment or a NO CHARGE appointment from the office, all immediately forfeit monies paid and we will not be able to offer rescheduling for an appointment that was missed without 24 hours of advance notice.  For clients who are late, the sessions' time starts when they connect with Monica and ends at the original appointment time. (No rescheduling will be available if you are late to a session but we will conduct the reading when you arrive and bring through as many messages as possible).


Monica Marie is not a doctor, psychologist, psycho-therapist, psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, lawyer, or financial adviser. All messages brought through are for your own personal and spiritual development. 

** All sessions will be conducted over zoom until further notice. If you want an in-person session in Los Angeles, please reach out to